Wednesday, March 18, 2009

An Introduction

Nanotechnology. The word itself conjures up a variety of meanings and images for scientists, engineers and the general public. And believe me, or do a google search yourself, there are many bloggers out there posting and discussing on this subject. So why do we need another one? Well, this blog will be focused on nanotechnology as it relates to Georgia Tech (my home base) and the Nanotechnology Research Center (NRC) specifically. In addition, I will write about various tidbits on nanotechnology and nanoscience that I come across in my work and daily experience. Examples might include interesting web sites, journal articles, conferences, and applications.

Most of what I post here won't be original, but rather I view this site as a compendium of everything nano that will hopefully have relevance to the audience of Georgia Tech nano fanatics and NRC users. If you are a regular attendee at the Nano@Tech seminars (more about these in a later post), you know that I strive for an inclusive look at the topic. Expect to find some fun and humor here (at least by my standards), as I direct your attention to bizarre nanotechnology commercialization ventures or education initiatives.

By the way, the title of this blog refers to the December 1959 lecture by Richard Feynman in which he predicted the importance of nanotechnology, without using that terminology. To quote: "It is a staggeringly small world that is below. In the year 2000, when they look back at this age, they will wonder why it was not until the year 1960 that anybody began seriously to move in this direction."

As in all blogs, I welcome your comments, suggestions for blog entries, and feedback.

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