Friday, September 25, 2009

And the Envelope Please…

Okay, so it wasn’t the Academy Awards. Still it was a testament to our past performance and a chance to raise public awareness of the Georgia Tech Nanotechnology Research Center when we were nominated for the TechAmerica Spirit of Endeavor Award for “Leadership in Technology Education”. According to the TechAmerica website, the “Spirit of Endeavor Awards are open to the entire technology industry and honor those people and companies based in [the south] who have had significant accomplishments within the technology industry.”

The nomination for this award came by way of Habif, Arogeti, and Wynne, LLP (HAW), an Atlanta firm of certified public accountants and business advisors that is one of the sponsors of the awards program. I recently gave a presentation on the NRC to their Technology and Manufacturing groups, and this initiated a request for the nomination materials, which described our wide variety of education activities in training researchers and educating the general public about nanotechnology. (E-mail me if you would like a copy.)

The awards program was held on Sept. 17 at the Fox Theatre, with Nancy Healy and Joyce Palmer attending and graciously hosted by Susan O’Dwyer and Mitchell Kopelman from HAW. When the 9 nominees for this category were narrowed to 4 finalists, it was a pleasant surprise to find that the NRC was among them. While we did not win the award, at least Kanye West did not interrupt any acceptance speech.

Thanks again to HAW and TechAmerica and kudos to Nancy, Joyce and the rest of the NRC.


  1. Was Kanye at the Fox for the ceremony?! I didn't see him there. Way to go, NRC, for the nomination. It is well-deserved recognition for the significant work you do.

  2. A great article David. I would like to stress that the awards banquet is very enjoyable because of the range of people you meet. The nominees were from such wide ranging technology endeavors and it was fun to learn about many of these through conversations.

  3. Thanks Pamela. I hope the Kanye West reference was current and edgy.

    Nancy - Glad you had a good time. I will use this opportunity to note that I could not attend the TechAmerica awards dinner because I was at the ACS Georgia section's annual Herty Award (given this year to Prof. Craig Hill of Emory) Dinner. I am tempted to say "when it rains, it pour", but it actually did.